Pinchos/pintxos – mini tapas bites


Translated as “spiked” and popular in bars throughout the Basque region of Spain, what could be more tempting than yummy nibbles atop a slice of bread! They are perfect for sharing. What you top it with is up to you, but here are my suggestions:

– One baguette sliced diagonally into 2cm thick slices topped with:

– A small slice of tortilla Espanola sprinkled with chopped parsley or hot paprika

– Small uncured chorizo hot out the oven topped with cheese or a hot chilli pepper

– Thin slice of chorizo skewered with a caper berry

– Simply a slice of Iberico ham/pata negra

– Slice of cooked pancetta skewered with a fried quail egg

Enjoy with a glass of cold beer and friends. Really get creative and share a photo of your creation on our Facebook page 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pinchos/pintxos – mini tapas bites

  1. Wooo! I’ll be following these recipes with interest, Keith. Have you got a recipe for Lemon Chicken Curry I could try? (Tee hee…) 😉


    • Thanks Lindy!! Be sure to keep following the blog for loads of foodie views and inspiration!! It’s been a bumper day of posts today, all Barcelona-related of course 😉 . As for the curry recipe, I’ll give you a heads-up on any recipes that I post!! Ciao!


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