Keith’s Quick Bites Review – Kinnie

Kinnie from Malta

To say I couldn’t stand Kinnie when I first tried it as a child would be an understatement! But over time, during family holidays, Malta’s indigenous soft drink began to grow on me. Nowadays I love the stuff and every sip takes me back to Malta!! Whenever I visit Malta I always bring a few bottles back in the suitcase.

This drink is a blend of bitter oranges and aromatic herbs; very unusual and similar to the Italian soft drink ‘Chinotto’. The bitterness is really refreshing and is very different to most soft drinks which I often find to be overly sweet. Kinnie has a wonderful aroma and a unique dark amber colour. This drink lends itself perfectly to mixers; it’s great with a shot of bajtra (Maltese liqueur made from prickly pears) and I’ve been told it’s great with whiskey too.

Would I recommend it? Yes, try it once and you may love or hate it. If you hate it, try it again and you may end up loving it like I do. 5/5

Where can I buy Kinnie? Amazon. Or virtually every shop or bar on the Maltese islands.

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