Review: Take The Cannoli @ Giuseppe’s Lite, Worthing


Those who know me personally will know how obsessed I am with cannoli! I literally can’t get enough of them, but they’re so rare to find here. The cannoli available at Guiseppe’s Lite have to be the best ones I’ve ever found in England. So January payday finally came around, I was craving really good cannoli. So what did I do? Drive the 100 mile round trip to go and get some, that’s what!


I eagerly burst through the door like a madman in desperate need of cannoli! I was so hungry though and I knew this wouldn’t be enough, so I decided to have some savoury things too. I’ve been here a few times now and love their arancini (risotto rice balls filled with Bolognese sauce) and the ‘Sicilian hot dogs’ are pretty awesome too, so I ordered one of each!



Both the arancini and the hot dog were how I remembered; delicious and very reasonably-priced. The arancini was filled with the most incredible Bolognese sauce and stringy mozzarella and was cooked to order. The hot dog is basically two Frankfurter sausages baked inside a folded bread parcel with ketchup and mozzarella. Pretty unusual but ridiculously yummy! Unfortunately, they no longer sell San Pellegrino Chinotto, so I had a Sicilian blood orange soda instead.

This place is filled with so many yummy treats both sweet and savoury which you just can’t find anywhere else. I’ve been to Italy and there are so many places just like this over there. It kind of made me nostalgic for past holidays.


Then there was the pièce de résistance; the cannolo! I just about had room to spare! I was a little disappointed as it seemed more diminutive than the ones I’ve purchased here in the past. But it was equally yummy. The crisp shell, the sweetened ricotta and plenty of crushed pistachio. It was obviously filled to order. They’re always a bit messy to eat and kind of explode halfway through eating them, so it would have been nice if it was served on a dish rather than what looked like a coaster!


I couldn’t stop looking at the ice cream cabinet and luckily the enthusiastic member of staff let me try a couple of flavours. I went straight for the pistachio flavour which was delicious. Then I tried the chocolate sorbet which was almost jet black. That, too, was very good. I can’t wait to return in the summertime!



The fact that I drove a 100 mile round trip primarily to visit this place is testament to the fact I think it’s pretty special. If you love authentic Sicilian/Italian food, then you’ll love this place too! I just hope the cannoli return to their bigger size.

Date of visit: 25/01/18

Keith’s rating: 4 out of 5

Where is it?
31 Warwick St
BN11 3DQ
01903 217500

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