QuickBites Review: 10 Churros @ M&S


Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love churros, so imagine my excitement when I saw a sponsorship advert on Britain’s Got Talent for these new M&S churros! Of course, the best ones I’ve tried were in Barcelona, but how do these ultra-convenient oven baked ones compare? I rushed to my nearest Marks & Spencer the following morning to find out…

I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting too much from these, but as soon as I opened the oven after they’d been cooking for 10 minutes and smelt that unmistakable churros aroma, I was quite surprised. I sprinkled over the sachet cinnamon sugar it came with and microwaved the tub of chocolate sauce for 10 seconds, and BOOM, I was taken back to Spain! The exterior is deliciously crunchy with a soft, almost gooey centre; just like the regular deep-fried version and the dark chocolate sauce packs a punch! At £4 per pack, they’re not cheap, but they’re dangerously moorish! I purchased 4 packs!

Keith’s rating: 5 out of 5!

Date of review: 12/05/19

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