5-Ingredient Chorizo & Halloumi Pasta Recipe


If you’ve read my review on the Jamie Oliver Quick & Easy cookbook, you’ll know that I was very impressed with it. It features a good variety of recipes, which all use 5 ingredients – excluding cooking oils and seasoning – and is a must-have for any foodie. It has inspired me to think of my own 5-ingredient recipes! The star of the show here Spanish chorizo and Greek halloumi; it’s a trip along the northern Mediterranean! It is super quick to make, has great summer vibes and is perfect for a midweek dinner or a weekend lunch. Add a glass of Rioja, and it’ll be perfect! Continue reading

#QuickBitesReview : Big Breakfast from Simply Breakfast, Southampton (JustEat)

You can order a full English breakfast delivered to your door. What a time to be alive! I mean, making a cooked breakfast at home will always be better, but if you don’t have the ingredients to hand or you simply can’t be bothered, ordering one of these bad boys for £7.50 (plus delivery fee) is a wise choice. For that, you get 2 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, beans, mushrooms, 2 hash browns, fried bread grilled tomato and tea/coffee or orange juice. Bargain! Continue reading

Review: Our Lockdown Saviour. Tim’s Bistro, Southampton

What have you missed the most during the Covid19 lockdown? My girlfriend, Rae, and I have really missed eating out at local independent restaurants. At the time of writing, early June 2020, lockdown is beginning to ease here in the UK which means we’ll soon be able to eat out again. Yay! Continue reading

Lemon & Rosemary Olive Oil Cake Recipe


This cake a real winner, especially with my girlfriend and her family! It is a lovely twist on an original lemon cake recipe, which uses no butter, but olive oil instead. Don’t be put off by using rosemary; it adds a delicate herbal flavour to the cake. A perfectly balanced cake is one that has an equal measure in weight of eggs, fat (in this cake olive oil), flour and sugar. Weigh the eggs in their shells and ensure you use digital scales for pinpoint accuracy. Also, make sure you use a pale olive oil, as a dark extra virgin one will have too much flavour.

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Mushroom Risotto Recipe


When the weather starts to get even colder and I need something comforting to eat, I look no further than a mushroom risotto. I tried out different variations on the recipe over the years, and this recipe is the best yet. My girlfriend loves it too! The ingredients are simple, but it is the execution of them that really matters here. Patience is a virtue, and the golden rule of risotto is to never use a metal spoon as this will break up the grains of rice; use a wooden spoon! Just don’t expect to get it perfect on the first try… Continue reading

Review: Authentic Indian Food Cooked To Order @ Kim’s Curry Club, Rownhams

Word spreads quickly on social media, especially when it comes to food. I got very excited when I heard on Facebook about a budding local business selling homemade Indian food. The Facebook page is chock-full of glowing reviews and hunger-inducing photos, so I knew I just had to try it! Would Kim’s homemade food live up to my expectations? Should I have just gone to my favourite local takeaway? Let’s find out… Continue reading

5-Ingredient Halloumi Burger Recipe

I bet you’ve never had halloumi this way before! This is possibly the most Greek-style burger there is, and has only five ingredients! If you’ve read my review of Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients cook book, you’ll know how much I love the clever use of ingredients. It’s inspired me to create a few of my own!

What’s not to love!? The key thing is to get the ingredients fully prepared before you even think about cooking the halloumi: have the buns toasted and the houmous prepared. Perfect served with some oregano-topped French fries and Kalamata olives!

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