Keith’s Ultimate 5-Ingredient Macaroni Cheese Recipe


I don’t think I’m alone when I say that macaroni cheese is a fantastic comfort food. It’s the perfect mid-week meal for winter time as it’s so easy to make. I think I’m alone when I say that I love mine with loads of brown sauce! But I am weird like that!! You may have your own version of this classic recipe, but I’d love you to try mine. It’s great!

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REVIEW: Baffi, Southampton. A Second Neapolitan Pizzeria Arrives In The City


Portswood has enjoyed a refresh in recent years and now boasts a quirky selection of eateries. Over the last five years, this suburb just outside the city centre is home to a few gelaterias, a Greek taverna, a burger joint, a shisha bar and now *drum roll* a Neapolitan Pizzeria too! I was browsing Facebook one night and I saw on the Baffi page they listed a branch in Portswood. Eagerly I sent them a message asking more about this branch. I sent them a link to Keith’s Kitchen and they very kindly invited me in for a complimentary meal for two. Amazing! How could I refuse another free pizza?! What’s more, I was the only blogger to be invited!!  Continue reading

REVIEW: Franco Manca, Southampton. Finally, A Neapolitan Pizzeria Arrives In Southampton!


I was thrilled to hear that a Neapolitan pizzeria had opened in Southampton’s new West Quay Watermark development. How such news passed me by still baffles me. I mean, you guys should know by now how much I love Neapolitan pizza!! I found their Facebook and saw they had a bloggers night to celebrate their opening, and people even got to make their own pizzas; wow! So I sent them a message asking whether they have any other bloggers evenings planned. The general manager, Mr Paul Galvin, very kindly invited me into the restaurant for a meal for two… on the house!! It was an extremely generous offer I couldn’t refuse.  Continue reading

Keith’s Quick Bites Review – Pizza Margherita @ Greggs UK

I know, I know, it’s yet another pizza review!! But hear me out on this one. I rarely visit Greggs, but occasionally they introduce something yummy on their menu, such as the now-discontinued hot dog. Greggs is always great value for a cheap lunch on the go, and this pizza is a great addition to the menu. 

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Keith’s Quick Bites Review – Kinnie

Kinnie from Malta

To say I couldn’t stand Kinnie when I first tried it as a child would be an understatement! But over time, during family holidays, Malta’s indigenous soft drink began to grow on me. Nowadays I love the stuff and every sip takes me back to Malta!! Whenever I visit Malta I always bring a few bottles back in the suitcase.

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Keith’s Quick Bites Review – Vegetable Arrabbiata Pasta @ Caffe Nero, UK


So, microwave pasta (admittedly this review hasn’t got off to the best start) is convenience food, something you have at home when there’s nothing else left in the fridge!! But to find it served up in a popular chain of cafes  was surprising. Why not just make it fresh to order? And priced at nearly £5, seems pricey.

So the sauce was quite tasty with a gentle kick of chilli and the pasta wasn’t swimming in sauce. But the portion size was small, it tasted like it had been microwaved and there weren’t many vegetables in it.

Would you recommend it, Keith? – It’s OK for a snack and it beats a McDonald’s. 2/5

Where can I get it? – Caffe Neros throughout the UK.

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