Review: Authentic Indian Food Cooked To Order @ Kim’s Curry Club, Rownhams

Word spreads quickly on social media, especially when it comes to food. I got very excited when I heard on Facebook about a budding local business selling homemade Indian food. The Facebook page is chock-full of glowing reviews and hunger-inducing photos, so I knew I just had to try it! Would Kim’s homemade food live up to my expectations? Should I have just gone to my favourite local takeaway? Let’s find out…


Kim posted onto the Facebook page on 18th August that she would be making a Dhaba lamb curry, along with all the trimmings (including mint chutney made using mint from Kim’s garden – photos above), on 23rd August: my payday! Perfect! Placing an order couldn’t have been easier; I commented on the post saying I wanted 2 portions and Kim replied that’s fine.

A couple of days later, she posted photos of her homemade mint chutney, made using home-grown mint. Now I was even more excited.

Soon enough, it was payday and time to find Kim’s home to collect my curry! The satnav led me the wrong way, but I spotted the sign outside Kim’s house and parked in the church over the road. Kim is such a lovely lady and welcomed me into her beautiful home. Kim told me that she has been very busy, and the boxes of homemade samosas on her kitchen table was proof of that. I couldn’t resist taking a couple, especially at £1 each. I let Kim know that my girlfriend, Rachelle, isn’t into spicy food, so she toned down the spiciness of the curry and she provided a few fresh chillies for me. I paid (cash only) £12 per serving, which is a couple of quid more as it was lamb. I rushed back to my Rachelle’s house and heated the food according to the instructions provided.



The first thing that struck me was how fluffy the rice was and how delicious the food smelt! The lamb curry was very flavoursome with the most tender, melt-in-the-mouth lamb I have ever tasted. It had a very prominent cumin flavour, and was generally chock-full of spices that had amalgamated during the slow cooking. It was so delicious that I completely forgot to add the extra chilli. The consistency was slightly more watery than curries I am accustomed to, so I was initially concerned that it would lack flavour, but boy I was wrong! It wasn’t too spicy, either, so Rachelle was very happy.


The aloo gobi side dish had rustic chunks of fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked in a light sauce of Indian spices and was the perfect accompaniment to the meat-rich curry. Even the poppadoms tasted divine: Rachelle said that they’re full of flavour” and melt-in-the-mouth.


The vegetable samosas reheated very well in the oven and came out crunchy, with fresh and flavoursome filling. The chapattis (£1 each), too, came out of the oven soft with crispy edges and were perfect to mop up the beautiful lamb curry sauce. The mint chutney was so fresh & tasty, and we were glad it didn’t taste like toothpaste! Was very obviously a homemade chutney, but I’m not sure that the (still yummy) mango chutney was homemade.

At £28, it was great value. There was plenty of food for the pair of us – especially with the samosas & chapattis – and washed down with a couple of Tiger lagers, you have a real Indian feast! Kim regularly makes “meal deals” for one person, being available for collection from late afternoon on Friday, so it’s ideal for parents who want to eat early with their kids. Kim also sells homemade frozen sauces. The best way to keep up to date is to follow her Facebook page . If you live in the Southampton area, I would highly recommend trying Kim’s delicious Punjabi food. I think my local Indian takeaway are going to wonder where I’ve gone!

Keith’s rating: 5 out of 5!

Date of review: 23/08/2019

Kim’s Curry Club contact details (with consent from Kim Ghali):
Facebook page

44 Horns Drove
SO16 8AH
Phone: 07923 119952

K x


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