QuickBites Review: 10 Churros @ M&S


Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love churros, so imagine my excitement when I saw a sponsorship advert on Britain’s Got Talent for these new M&S churros! Of course, the best ones I’ve tried were in Barcelona, but how do these ultra-convenient oven baked ones compare? I rushed to my nearest Marks & Spencer the following morning to find out… Continue reading

The Ultimate Chicken & Chorizo Paella Recipe

If there’s one recipe to bring some Spanish sunshine onto the dinner table at any time of the year, it’s this one! Ok, so chicken and chorizo isn’t an authentic flavour for paella, but it’s a widely-known combination and I think it’s delicious. When I visited Barcelona a few years ago, I did manage to track down a chicken & chorizo paella in a tourist restaurant in the seaside neighbourhood of Barceloneta, so it’s not unheard of in Spain. There are a lot of ingredients here, but key to it is to prepare and chop all of the ingredients before you fire up the stove. If you follow this recipe to the letter then you’re guaranteed to be onto a winner! Make sure you use a wooden spoon because a metal one would break the rice apart and you’ll end up with a plate of sludge. Buen provecho! Continue reading

Keith’s Leche Frita Recipe – Custard Fritters from Spain

Keith's CafeBar

Leche Frita

Oozy and unctuous custard fritters lightly flavoured with cinnamon with a crunchy breadcrumb coating. If that hasn’t tempted you then I don’t know what will! I first came across these at the whitewashed Bar Norte in Barcelona, perched at the bar next to a pile of newspapers with my morning coffee and croissant. Whilst excitedly and inquisitively eyeing up what the locals were ordering (including wine!!) I saw these little dishes containing small bread-crumbed fritters and the waitress saying “leche frita” (meaning fried milk) to the hungry customers; I leapt for a menu to find out what they were. Unfortunately, one way or another, I never got to try them and on arriving home I was determined to forgo this missed opportunity and make them myself. Easier said than done and after multiple attempts I gave up following recipes and created my own! The crucial thing I was getting wrong was not thickening the custard properly and the recipes I followed lacked enough flour. But finally I cracked it; a winning recipe I’ll come back to time and time again, sure to take me back to Bar Norte with every bite! Continue reading

Keith’s Quick Bites Review – Free Damm, I can’t believe it’s not alcoholic!

If you know me personally you’ll know I love Spanish beer, particularly Estrella Damm. On a recent holiday to Mallorca I was amazed to see an alcohol-free version on sale as I never knew it even existed. The temperature was soaring to 38c and we had a hire car, needless to say I jumped at the chance of trying it. Continue reading